Casual Gaming Review: Happy Color

Screencap of App Title Screen

Title of Game

Happy Color (Version 1.7.4)



Game Type

Coloring Simulator

General Play Loop

Color by Numbers

General Review

Overall, this is a good app. I feel as though it’s best suited to tablets, though I did play it on my phone. (iPhone 6) There are some sections that are small and difficult to see/select on the screen unless you zoom in all the way. A stylus is highly recommended for this game.

In general, you select a design, then, click on a color/number, then click to color in the corresponding section once you find it. Pretty straight forward. This is color-by-number not a coloring simulator. You do not get to choose what colors you’re going to use for the designs. However, there are a lot of shades and some designs have more than 100 colors. On average, designs take approximately 20–30 minutes to complete. At least on the small screen.

The huge plus is the library of designs is extensive with new designs every day. All of which are available to you as soon as you start the app. These designs fall into general themes: Interiors, Nature, Flowers, Mandalas, Animals, Art, Birds, etc. There is some licensed content as well: Disney, Marvel, Space Jam and Tom & Jerry. There is something for everyone here and there is a range of simple to complex that will satisfy most ages. I’d suggest generally that 10+ would appreciate this app. It’s not aimed at children, but tweens and teens will appreciate it as well as adults. All of the designs are family friendly.

There are also mystery designs which pop up in each section. These designs only have the colors and numbers on a white background. And as you color it in, you get to find out what the design is. This is a fun little extra.

And none of the designs are pay-walled. Not even the Disney ones.

You do not have to pay or watch ads to access half of the puzzles as you do with some other apps. That being said, you do need to watch ads at the end of every design. And there are ads that run along the bottom of the page which can glitch out your page for a few seconds. This is dependent upon a lot of factors though, so your mileage may vary.

There are achievements for coloring X number of pages in a particular section, or logging in every day, or coloring a design from each category. These do give you bonus designs, so I guess not all of the designs are available up front.

If there’s anything to complain about, it’s that it’s addictive. It triggers an urge to keep coloring and completing designs. And playing it on my phone has led to hand-cramps. So, if you’re able to play it on a larger screen, that is highly recommended.

Are there micropayments?

No micropayments. No subscriptions. All of the puzzles are available with just downloading the app.

Are there ads? (Can I pay to get rid of them?)

There are ads and you cannot get rid of them. However, they are minimally intrusive. The ads run along the bottom of the page as you color. You can watch an ad to get hints. And at the completion of the image you have to watch an ad. Occasionally, an ad will play before a design, but I haven’t figured out that pattern yet.


4 Frogs out of 5




Currently living in Northern VA where she has 2 businesses, a day job, and an imaginary cat. She has 3 published novels and is working on more.

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Kate Ressman

Kate Ressman

Currently living in Northern VA where she has 2 businesses, a day job, and an imaginary cat. She has 3 published novels and is working on more.

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